Vampire vs. Werewolves: It is ON.


Over at the Huffington Post there is a battle royale between two decidedly nerdy camps: Werewolf sympathizers and Vampire sympathizers.

Not only that, but each camp boasts authorship over some very controversial books on said fave subject. Now the two adversaries are in a fight to the, um, undeath over at The Huffington Post. It seems that werewolf lovers Bob Powers and Ritch Duncan (who authored The Werewolf’s Guide to Life) wrote a piece for the Huffington Post, explaining how vampires were irrelevant in a post meltdown America. Finding this “preposterous,” Janet Ginsburg (co-author of the New Vampire’s Handbook: A Guide for the Recently Turned Creature of the Night) posted a rebuttal essentially boiling down to this: “Werewolves are responsible for the global financial crisis.” For those of you partial to Werewolves or Vampires, this is an enlivening battle of the undead persuasion.

I had a chance to speak with Janet Ginsburg to ask her a few burning questions regarding some Vamp vs. Werewolf basics.

First things first, just WHO IS JANET GINSBURG?

She is a Brooklyn-based writer and producer whose work has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, as well as the Discovery and syfy channels. A former staff writer for The Onion, she has watched more than 1000 episodes of ABC’s 1966-1971 daytime gothic soap opera Dark Shadows and is rapidly closing in on its final episode, at which point she plans on going outside. She has co-written three books: one for dogs, one for cats, and  the New Vampire’s Handbook: A Guide for the Recently Turned Creature of the Night. Do you have something against werewolves?

Ginsburg: I don’t have anything against werewolves, but I wouldn’t seek out the company of anyone who goes completely beserk every time the full moon shines, gorges himself on massive amounts of meat for days on end, and smells like a hot and crowded kennel.  Been there, done that! The average vampire would feel similarly, except to the extent that the werewolf preys upon the same population vampires do, he is a competitor. No one likes competition. Do you have a problem with other creatures of the night?
Ginsburg: Generally not, as long they don’t do or say anything embarrassing when we’re in public. Where do you stand on zombies (speed, fave movies, books, comics etc)?
Ginsburg: I’m a big fan of zombies. Always have been. What’s not to love about a slow, dumb, incredibly persistent ghoul? I admire that kind of tenacity and single mindedness. I also admire their willingness to openly share their deepest desires. Zombies lay it on the line – they need brains. How many of us could do that, just wander around moaning, “Affffeeeecccttionnnn”, or “Stabbilllittyyyy”? I’d wager not too many! Personally, I prefer the traditional, slow zombie; they’re my first zombie love and always will be –  but I recognize the rise of the fast zombie and I do appreciate the jolt it brought to zombie culture in general. Tell us about the  New Vampire’s Handbook: A Guide for the Recently Turned Creature of the Night

Ginsburg: Vampires are everywhere you look in popular culture. They’re depicted in television, books and movies, and this year, they seemed to get more attention than ever. The problem is that those depictions are full of dangerous inaccuracies for the newly turned vampire – like the idea that if you walk into the sun, you’ll sparkle. That’s not just a lame idea; it’s a deadly misconception. The New Vampire’s Handbook is a definitive reference manual for the newly turned that helps them safely navigate the enormous amount of bogus information out there. It teaches them to separate vampire fact from vampire fiction, and how to get the most out of their new eternal lives.
*Thanks to Janet Ginsburg and her co-authors for bringing these  issues of the undead into the light of day where they will no doubt burn.

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