Oh video game addiction, how I can’t quit you….then again, I really don’t have an addiction as I could probably go at least 2 and half weeks of not playing anything because the real world and something called sleep takes over my life. World of Warcraft is a game that takes over peoples lives (and the game has “killed” a few people). Well, it takes over peoples lives if they are not careful with it. One haiksterbnh has played WoW for 5 years and finally quit. He writes in the video how he sunk over 24,000 hours and says that’s 100 days spent playing (correction: 24,000 hours equals 1000 days so who knows how many hours he meant).

He put the video up as an inspiration to others to quit WoW. I understand it’s hard to quit an addiction but still, if ya at least still had fun while playing the game and it was enjoyable when ya always played, then I wouldn’t say it was a complete waste of life. Also, to say you have no friends, I know people who made friends over this game. If you probably took the extra effort to reach out in the game, you could have possibly made a few real life friends. Hell, I made some money with my Pokemon addiction from the past by having people pay me $5-$10 to level up and build the ultimate team of Pokemon for them. I don’t know about ya’ll, have any of you been addicted to a video game? Or does this do nothing for ya?

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