Everybody likes a good video, and there were a slue of pretty good videos to the down right fantastic ones that came out in the last day or two. NerdBastards has put them all together in one giant “Slap your Momma” package for your viewing pleasure. That’s right, we here at NerdBastards like nothing better than pleasuring you our readers. One at a time. One right after the other. We are the Glory Hole of Nerdy News.

We’re gonna start you off with the tragically heartbreaking and then uplifting story of Dyna-Woman. After the jump you can check out the second Simon Pegg Star Wars video in which they get lost with a Tuscan Raider, the fourth film short in College Humors Troopers series starring Aubrey Plaza, and Jar Jar Binks getting his ass kicked on a subway in a prank gone wrong…


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