We’ve been hearing about it for a while, and the show has dropped numerous references to the speedy hero, but we’ll actually get to see  Barry Allen on the next episode of Arrow! Want to get a look at the future Flash before the show airs? Well, we’ve got the teaser for ya.

The next episode, which will air on Dec. 4, will serve as a two-part mid-season finale, and will be the first time and, if I”m not mistaken, the last confirmed appearances of Barry Allen on the show, before he’s spun off into the Flash series. We saw this little teaser after last night’s episode, but for those of you who’d like to examine the clip a bit further, here it is:

I’m excited to see what the introduction of a superhero like The Flash will do for the show, and while he may not be dawning the suit in the two-parter, I’m sure it’ll prime the Arrow-verse for such an occasion. As far as Mr. Gustin goes, I’m not sure I see him as The Flash, or as a member of the crime scene investigation unit; he’s only 23, and he looks really young for his age. Despite my misgivings, the producers apparently loved him so much in these two episodes, they decided to give his spin-off its own proper pilot episode, as opposed to the backdoor pilot they had planned, so what do I know?

Are you excited to see The Flash come to Starling City? Do you think Grant Gustin is fit for the role of Barry Allen? Let us know in the comments!



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