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The other night the world saw Spike hand out a ton of awards at it’s annual Spike Scream awards (see the recap here). It also gave it’s viewing audience exclusive clips from the upcoming hits of the coming year, none as special as this special clip from the upcoming Walking dead series. Take a look at this glimpse of halloween’s best kept zombie series, courtesy of Spike:

Yes, it’s short, but that headshot was something else. Sure it has gore, which was a mean concern for the series but it was pulled off without a sense of overdoing it. Getting to listen to the crowd react is the second best thing next to Anna Paquin‘s face when they aired the clip:


Are you kidding me? This is a woman who showed of her ‘stackhouse’ in the first episode of season two’s True Blood. Being part of a series that regular showed blood, b00bage, and violence on a regular basis and she looks disgusted. Shame Anna, shame.

AMC’s The Walking Dead debuts Oct. 31st.

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