So it’s lunch time. What are you eating? Would you like some human? Yum, delicious human meat. Tastes like chicken, right? Well now you can be the judge. Hold on. Don’t freak out. No where, and no business, is serving actual human meat because if nothing else it would attract a lot of attention from the city’s health and safety office, not to mention the police department. But in the spirit of cannibalism (if that’s a thing), a pair of chefs from the United Kingdom are giving fans of the series The Walking Dead a chance to enjoy an opportunity for virtual cannibalism, all in the name of promoting the fifth season of the zombie apocalypse drama.

London-based foodies Miss Cakehead and Mess London chef James Thomlinson, who collaborate together under the cooking name Messhead, have taken it upon themselves to create what, in their estimation, is a hamburger that tastes like its made of human ground chuck. How do they know what human tastes like? Interesting question, with an interesting answer: they did their research. Consulting the comments of known cannibals, most of whom went to jail for their – um – appetites, the chefs concocted a meat that tastes like human, but is made from socially acceptable animals to eat.

What was the result of this research? Well Fox, who airs The Walking Dead in the U.K., put together this disgustingly informative infograph to give you a hint:


So if you haven’t been completely turned off by your lunch yet, you’re surely wondering where you be able to get one of these tasty burgers for yourself. Well, hopefully you’re a resident of London, or are planning to be in the London area next week. On Tuesday September 30, a “Terminus Tavern” will pop-up in East London, and if you want to know the exact location, you can follow the hashtag #terminustavern on Twitter to learn it.

Call me crazy, but I kind of want to try them. As the infograph points out, cannibalism may not be universally illegal, but it’s still quite the societal taboo. Obviously, right? No one, no where is going to endorse the eating of human flesh outside of their own psychosis or some kind of survivalist Alive-like situation, but haven’t we all thought about it? Not in a direct, hey, let’s eat human someday kind of way, but more in an idle thought while trying to get to sleep sort of thing. And come on, who doesn’t like veal?

The Walking Dead season 5 premieres next month on this side of the pond on AMC.

Source: The Nerdist

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