San Diego Comic Con brought us a little tease of some of the concept art being put together for the upcoming World of Warcraft flick, although little else in known about Duncan Jones’ (Moon) new project.  That is, until now.  If the folks at Bleeding Cool have done their homework right, it looks like they may have tracked down some details about the film, including some info about the tone, source material and characters.  Check out what they put together below.

First and foremost, it looks like Jones and company are going for a fully-fledged fantasy epic film, complete with all the magic and fantastical creatures you could hope for.  Not only that, but it seems as if they won’t be using the World of Warcraft MMO as their primary source material in building the world.  Instead, they’re looking toward the old-school Warcraft games (yah know, the ones us old folks used to play).

As far as characters go, Bleeding Cool had this to say about who to expect:

The lead character seems set to be Khadgar, a young consul to the Kirin Tor senate, rulers of the city of Dalaran. …Khadgar is charged with investigating a series of crimes that have rocked the city, but as we go on, we’ll find that his mission leads him into a quest beyond the city walls.

…his mentor, Medivh, a mage and the sworn protector of mankind against demonkind.

…Lothar, The Lion of Azeroth, leader of the King’s Army.

And in addition to the typically human protagonists, we shall be getting a healthy dose of orcs (duh), along with elves and dwarves and trolls and all sorts of undead nasties.  Sounds like quite the party.


Thanks to BleedingCool for the heads-up.

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