(As long as there are pics of this movie scene, I will use them)

Warner Bros. has confirmed that Megan Fox has not, I REPEAT HAS NOT, been cast or in talks to play Catwoman in the upcoming unnamed Batman project.

“It’s rumor. It’s not true,” said a studio rep. “There is no script. There is no project to be cast in.”

Well people are pissed that apparently British Tabloids can print whatever the fuck they please.  And I, like some many other NerdBastards today, well shed a tear, and give a moment of silence to a falsehood, that in all realism, makes total sense.

Like Neo in the Matrix, she’s the One. Perfect for that role. It’s too bad, I hope the hype they’ve stirred will make the studio realize the fans have spoken, and their best play for check mate would be to grab this girl, while the gossip is still burning hot.

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