With San Diego Comic Con coming up this weekend, it’s been a quiet couple of days for comic book movie news. Now, as per usual, Warner Bros. will be having a panel on Saturday in Hall H, which, following up on their presentation last year that launched Wonder Woman and Justice League to great acclaim, is likely going to have a lot of eyes on it in eager anticipation. Sure, there’s likely going to be a Justice League trailer, and maybe some Aquaman footage, but there will also likely be an announcement about future DC Extended Universe movies. To wit…

Collider is reporting this morning that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have added two new dates to their 2020 release calendar, February 14 and June 5, for two as-yet untitled DCEU films. In addition to them, the studio has saved the date for an “Untitled DC Animation Film” for June 1, 2018, which should be noted is the same weekend period where Wonder Woman launched earlier this summer. Perhaps Warners feels it’s lucky now.

The addition of two mysterious new dates is interesting because Warners still has two other DC movies supposedly coming out in 2020: Cyborg on April 3 and Green Lantern Corps on July 24, and to the best knowledge of the internet, those projects haven’t yet been pulled. So either Warners/DC is going to release four movies in 2020, or there’s a major shake-up coming. The studio did previously state that after the success of Wonder Woman, and announcing the addition of a number of new projects including NightwingBatgirlGotham City Sirens, and Justice League Dark to name a few, they were going to take some time and strategize about what to do next. Perhaps they’ve landed on something…

Still the safe bet for the new dates is The Batman for February 2020, and Wonder Woman 2 for June, and likely those plans will be confirmed in time for Comic Con this Saturday. As for the DC Animated project, it would be too soon for LEGO Batman 2, but Warners/DC have been experimenting with one night only releases of their direct-to-video flicks for the last couple of years, so maybe they’re going for the full theatrical run next. I guess we’ll fine out soon.

The next DCEU film, Justice League, opens on November 17, Aquaman opens on December 21, 2018, and, in the meantime, Comic Con officially begins this Thursday.

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