It’s here! Our first smidgen of Doctor Who since we say goodbye to The Ponds weeks back in “The Angels Take Manhattan.” This Christmas special, prequel, minisode, thingy just aired on BBC for Children in Need and ZOOM!, just like that it’s available on the YouTubes. Gotta love the future. The video is introduced by Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman and while they’re playing themselves you can already see a great chemistry between Doctor and companion. I’m excited for their upcoming adventure.

Minisodes are cool. Also, “Damn, Moon.” Ha! I love the Christmas special already and I’ve only seen this snippet. Can’t wait for Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny (Caitlin Stewart), and Strax (Dan Starkey). And is it just me or does The Doctor look a little like the Artful Dodger?

Stay tuned for the Christmas special trailer. We’ll post it here once released!

UPDATE! Here’s the Christmas special, “The Snowmen,” trailer, as promised,

They sure are teasing us with that whole Coleman was Oswin and now Coleman is Clara thing, aren’t they? Are there any clues in here or is it only more teasing to mess with the fans?

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