Ant-Man may have marked the end of Marvel‘s Phase Two, but now that everything is released on video, including the the limited edition, Amazon exclusive, Phase Two Blu-Ray box set, it really feels like we’re officially in Phase Three. Before you know it, we’ll be posting articles and reviews about the newly released Captain America: Civil War, talking about how amazing it was. But life is too short to be rushing into Phase Three. Let’s take a moment first to enjoy some of the moments in Phase Two. Especially as some new material and sneak peeks into the future were just released with the Amazon exclusive Blu-Ray set. Perhaps the most exciting new material is a deleted scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron where Thor and Vision have a prolonged fight. Let’s watch, shall we?


What a great fight scene, huh? And it certainly lends a new perspective to the way the scene was cut in the finished product. The scene obviously fits right in between where Thor helps to create Vision with his lightning and the point where Vision begins delivering his lines while looking out over the city. In the final cut of the movie, Vision launches right into the long bout of exposition as soon as he’s created. The deleted scene may make Vision’s birth and awakening a little more palpable, but it does slow the pacing of the film, stalling the forward momentum on a pointless fight between the heroes. Ultimately, Joss Whedon and Co. were able to get across everything they needed to without this fight scene, but that doesn’t make it any less cool!

The scene was obviously cut early in the editing process as many of the special effects are in the pre-vis stage and are clearly unpolished. Paul Bettany in his MoCap suit is a clear example of this. However, this deleted scene is able to successfully show the fight between some of the Avengers and the newly formed Vision, immediately after his ‘birth.’ We see what would have been the first glimpse of some of Vision’s powers seen later in the film, like the Mind Stone laser beam. But we also see some Vision powers that we didn’t get in the finished film, like the ability to phase through objects or snap back up to his feet from a horizontal position, as if propelled by wires.

The scene is a nice rumination on the unseen contents of Phase Two before we dive fully into Phase Three, but the future is calling and it waits for no man or woman. What are you most excited about in Phase Three? Doctor Strange? Black Panther? Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments!

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