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Anyone who’s immersed in the geek culture knows that there’s a certain amount of resentment that comes from the male geek community toward geeky girls. Nerdy dudes let loose with cries of “Fake!” at the drop of a hat, often so ignorant of the person in question that they don’t even know her name, let alone what her story is. Now here’s a video that puts the shoe on the other foot, at least for a couple of minutes. Ladies, enjoy this investigative look at the world of fake geek guys.

I can’t say I’ve ever been a girl in a comic book store, but I could tell you a story or two about my own girlfriend and all the shit she’s had to endure over the years for being a diehard gamer. So yeah, dudes need to get over it. There are geek girls in the world and just because you can’t seem to get one to date you doesn’t mean that they’re fake. It probably just means that you have shitty personal hygiene or a complete lack of social skills.


Source: BuzzFeedYellow

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