I love Spike Jonze.  Well, most of the time *cough* “Where The Wild Things Are.” just isn’t good *cough.  On the flipside of that, I can’t fucking stand Kanye West.  Hate is a strong word and I just love using it when I talk about this dingle berry.  Yeah, he’s a decent musician but, man oh man he is such a douche bag when it comes to being a human being.  Every time I turn on the television, it would seem,  he gives me a new reason to despise him.  Just when I thought I couldn’t hate him anymore he goes and does this…..AND TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF(well sort of).  This little short film by Spike Jonze is interesting to say the least and Kayne is pretty fucking cool to be able to make fun of himself at this level.  Just watch this 2 part video and tell me if it makes sense to you. (video 2 after the jump)

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