Weekend Box Office Top Ten

The Top Ten Movies of the weekend are as follows. Which surprises me very much, for a Labor Day weekend. The Sandra Bullock vehicle being a negative rom-com fared as well as one would expect, but didn’t beat out The Proposal earlier this summer. Gamer stumbled in to a paltry haul, but what makes me the most amused is Extract. Extract came in 10th with labored breath to the ring of 4.2 Million, the same that Mike Judge’s Office Space took on it’s opening.

To tell you the honest truth, I’m quite surprised that most of these “Hanger On-ers” have been in the top ten for several weeks. Slowly but surely banking their ways to hundred mill each if they haven’t already surpassed it.

1)Final Destination

2)All About Steve 

3)Inglourious Basterds


5)District 9

6)Halloween 2

7)Julie and Julia

8)GI Joe

9)Time Travelers Wife


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