You will recall that when we came to the end of Westworld last fall, the robot uprising officially began when Dolores plugged her maker at 10 paces and launched into a massacre against a group of park employees, investors and guests who had gathered there to celebrate the next phase of the park. Whoops. That’s what happens when you rape and kill a robot homesteader again, and again, and again, she’s going to take it personally. But the party that ended in gunfire is not the last bit of violence to affect Westworld. As you can see in the trailer for season two, it was just the beginning. 

Released during the Westworld panel at San Diego Comic Con earlier this evening. here’s the first look at the next phase of your cowboy theme park. Hope you brought a change of pants.

If it seems kind of light, it’s understandable. Westworld has only been back in production for a couple of weeks, so we’re likely seeing scenes from the first episode of the new season (assuming, of course, they’re shooting it in order). From what we’ve seen, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is extremely conflicted, Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) is enjoying playing “the Most Dangerous Game”, and William, AKA: The Man in Black (Ed Harris), is living the dream no matter how badly he’s been abused in the time between when we see him in the finale and where we see him in the trailer above (if memory serves, he did take a bullet before fade out).

Westworld returns sometime in 2018 on HBO.

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