What A Bunch Of Jedi Assholes

This isn’t the latest Star Wars parody porn to sweep the Empire like a plague of Jawa herpes but it’s damn close.

Freddie Wong and Logan Olson are back with another “Jedi Are A-Holes” video. In’Jedi-Holes Strike Back’ (get it?) the duo use the ways of the force to create even more Havoc in their humble neighborhood. From force moving the moon to get a beach babe wet, to betting on children fighting with lightsabers, these guy’s should never be taught the Jedi or Sith way.

This is why the Jedi Order makes you give back your lightsaber if you fail graduation.

Remember kids: Never go near a Jedi asshole, you can never wash off the smell of shame and Ewok grease.

Via: Geekologie

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