What a Duet: Debbie vs. Tiffany on SyFy

Picture 2

My inner sixth-grade Allison just squealed. A SyFy movie? With two of my favorite former teen singing sensations? And PIE? This must be heaven.

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is going to be all kinds of awesome, with Deborah (formerly Debbie) Gibson and Tiffany (who still doesn’t have a last name, apparently) taking the lead roles in an upcoming cheesy SyFy television movie. Seriously, life doesn’t get any better. The clip below even has them waving to their gloried pasts, as Debbie looks around a scary bog and says, “I think we’re alone now.” (That Beatles Tommy James and the Shondells cover was Tiffany’s big hit, youngsters.)

Here’s the trailer for what we’ll all be watching next year:

If you were born after 1995, you might need a primer on just who these ladies of the 80s are. Behold Debbie:

And behold Tiffany:

I share because I love you. You’re welcome.

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