I don’t remember there ever being so much hub-bub being made over a TV show’s premiere date than I have about the premiere of the upcoming season of Doctor Who. All summer we were in rapt anticipation for when the Series 7 air date would be announced, knowing it was set to premiere in the fall.

A week ago we uncovered what looked like almost proof positive The Doctor, the Ponds, and the TARDIS would return on September 1st. Then yesterday BBC America released a video teasing the return of Who with the date September 8th stamped on it. NOW, while perusing BBC America’s website I saw this:

WTF?!? Did you not just tell us yesterday it’d be the 8th! AGH! Decide already.

But it seems this is the official air date as it is not only airing the same day on BBC1 but it’s been confirmed by this press release on BBC America’s website. So go and change your calenders again, because I know, like me, you schedule your life around when this TV show airs.

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 and BBC America on September 1st, airing in the U.S. at 9pm ET. At least until tomorrow, when we learn Doctor Who actually returned last Saturday and we all missed it. It’s time travel, they can do that.

Also, here’s a new premiere trailer with the corrected date. No clue what we were watching yesterday. A clever fan-edit?

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