True story. There was this one time when I smoked a blunt while I had the Nintendo Mii Channel playin’ in the background. Ya know, that custom character creation area where you can act like GOD? Ya that’s it, that’s the story. Nothing happened. I was content and the Mii jingle soothed me into euphoria. If there’s any message in this story it’s that weed and the Mii channel makes the world right. Other message? My stories suck, don’t ever listen to me.

Anyway, while I’m under the influence of the ganja I think about a lot of things. Like what my penis would look like in the hands of a midget (Smurfy), or what a bed made of jello might be like (I assume amazing), but with the Mii Channel going, I’m like “If this song had lyrics I wonder what they would be?”.

Answering this call, is our dear friend BrentalFloss. Ole’ Brent was under another consciousness-altering substance when he came up with lyrics to the Mii Jingle. Beer! Is there anything it can’t do? Of course his imbibing of the golden nectar might explain why he looks, sounds and acts like a massive pedo. Regardless, “MaKe A mIi WiTh MeEeEe. It’Ll Be So MuCh FuNnNnNnN!!” Watch the video below:

Ya good luck gettin’ that song stuck out of your head. By the way, call me observant but my god, Brent seems to have the cleanest socks. Just sayin’.

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