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Sometimes people don’t recognize exactly how much a great movie score affects the way you see a flick on a profound level. The best musical compilations are remembered for years even if they’re not necessarily the main thing that audiences are concentrating on while they view a film. In the world of awesome movie scores, John Williams’ name stands high above most of the others. Now imagine if the world we lived in had no John Williams… Imagine Star Wars without the epic music. How would that look? Scroll on to check out just one scene from A New Hope that has been stripped of Williams’ brilliant influence (courtesy of the Auralnauts).

Okay, so that was kinda eerie. If it wasn’t for the randomly bad dub of Chewbacca’s howl, it would have been downright creepy. Check out more of what Team Auralnauts has put together by clicking on the source link below. And never forget how much we need great composers like John Williams around to keep our movies from being silent. Or worse yet, from being filled with terribly crappy scores.


Source: Auralnauts

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