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It’s the incredible shrinking Ant-Man – just, you know, the wrong kind of shrinking. Seriously, is there a revolving door in the Ant-Man set?

Ever since the unexpected and dumbfounded separation of director Edgar Wright, the Marvel Studios production of Ant-Man continues to be a spectacle in developmental challenges. The ever fluctuant production has now just lost 3 of its stars, including Patrick Wilson. Cue the obligatory “Things aren’t looking good for this movie. I’m sure it’ll turn out ok, but I’ll always wonder what an Edgar Wright Ant-Man movie would look like” comment. 

Deadline reports Patrick Wilson, supporting actors Matt Gerard and Kevin Weisman have been removed from the now Peyton Reed directed production.

Is the appeal of being in a Marvel movie not as strong as  it once was to Hollywood talent, or is it something more?

Deadline goes on to say that these cast separations have little if anything to do with Edgar Wright’s departure. Rather, the “official” story is that Gerard and Weisman were set to play characters that have since been written out of the script as the film continues to change. In regards to Wilson, apparently he now has a scheduling conflict due to the delay in production for Ant-Man.

No matter what Marvel says, it’s kind of clear that films leads Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas were Studio choices and the rest of that cast were from the Wright side of things.

What if Marvel just comes out tomorrow at its panel at Comic Con and announces on stage that this whole thing has been a giant prank and that Edgar Wright is still on board. Huh, huh? *sigh* I nerd can dream, a nerd can dream.

No word yet on who will be replacing Wilson, or what his role actually was, but I suspect we’ll get hear things straight tomorrow at Marvel’s SDCC panel.



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