Nerd/Geek themed subscription boxes are a dime a dozen. We at Nerd Bastards have received and reviewed them all. But our favorite, without question, is Geek Fuel. They’re simply the best… “better than all the rest” (sorry, Tina Turner song reference, couldn’t be helped). If you’ve seen our past reviews of this marvelous subscription service and have yet to be impressed – or if this is your first time being introduced to Geek Fuel – then let this, their February Box, be a testament to their glory.  Just what about this particular box that makes it so great? In a word: Deadpool

One of the copious benefits to having a Geek Fuel subscription is their precise product planning in each box, almost always including at least one item themed around a release/event; that means they are culturally aware, and not just throwing random items in the box. With everything coming up Deadpool lately, it was a given that Geek Fuel would be including an item from this hilariously-degenerate and all-around-awesome film. And what an item it is; maybe you can consider this Nerd Bastard writer as one who is easily amused, but this Deadpool item takes the whole box from 10 to 11.

Ultimately, the Deadpool item in question is a Deadpool t-shirt. It’s a pretty awesome t-shirt in its own right – it says “I Heart Chimichangas” – but it’s how it is presented that makes it cute/clever. Those cheeky bastards at Geek Fuel rolled the t-shirt up, slapped some tinfoil around it and put a Deadpool label on the seal, making it look like – you guessed it – a chimichanga! Deadpool’s favorite source of sustenance.

geekfuel-feb-2016-burrito geekfuel-feb-2016-tee

Getting all excited about an article of clothing wrapped in a common household food containment sounds silly but, honestly, what an ingeniously simple way to do something that is in spirit of the character. It definitely shows you the maximum effort and lengths that the working hands behind this geek subscription go to in order to offer something different and fun!

Let’s not forget, this isn’t the only item in the box. There is a whole assortments of goodies. Check em’ out:




Deadpool Keychain: keeping with the Deadpool theme is this metal keychain, which is actually is 1 of 3 options included in the box.  Some subscribers received a bottle opener or pin badge.


Elliot Quest Sour Downloadable Game And Candy Puzzle Tin: Elliot Quest, the saga of a cursed man working to find a cure before he turns into a demon, is an 8-bit game adventure that features 5 dungeons, 16 bosses, and countless treasures. There is also a tin of candy (sugar free) included.  The lid of the tin is one of those simple hand-held games where you have to roll the wee little balls onto their holes. Getting all 5 to land is as frustrating as it is addictive.


Retro Magazine: Retro Magazine covers popular past games.  This is a special variant cover, just for Geek Fuel. Print may be a dying medium, but if you’re a gamer in any sense and have a nostalgia for the games of yesterday, then this magazine is filled with interesting retrospectives.


Limited Edition Geek Fuel 3D Silicone Magnet: This is Geek Fuel’s little mascot.  Ain’t he cute? To quote Geek Fuel, who couldn’t have said it any better” “you can never have enough robots.”


Firefly Jayne Cobb Hat: Anyone that refers to themselves as a geek or child of popular culture cannot do so without being a fan of Joss Whedon’s Firefly – well you can, but 100 nerd demerits if you’re not a fan. Maybe you made one yourself, or begged a fiberly-talented friend, but if you haven’t, then you can now keep your head warm in your travels with this winter hat inspired by the very hat Jayne Cobb wore in Firefly.

Speaking of Firefly – and continuing on with one of the things that makes Geek Fuel different from other subscription boxes – also included is a Firefly giveaway. Every month, in every box, Geek Fuel always does a themed giveaway with a chance at winning a big prize pack. This month, the giveaway is labeled “Show Us Your Brown Coats.” Go to for your chance to win:


  • Serenity 1:250 Scale Replica
  • Firefly: Out of The Black Card Game
  • 5 Firefly Funko Legacy 6″ Action Figures
  • Firefly Board Game by Alliance
  • 18-inch Firefly Serenity Plush
  • Firefly: The Complete Series on Blu-ray
  • Serenity on Blu-ray


Geek Fuel Magazine: Adding to the fun factor is the Geek Fuel Magazine. It’s more than just bathroom reading material; while it includes some news, interviews, and product highlights, it also features a fan section showing off a gallery of images of other Geek Box subscribers. It’s an  inclusionary item that makes you feel like you’re part of a club. That’s the kind of thing that creates lasting loyalty.


How awesome was this box, right?

Nerd Bastards obviously gets boxes like this for free, so any praise we give could be perceived as biased. But, having received boxes from every geek/nerd subscription box there is, this is the only one that truly lives up to the novelty. From the items they select, the emails you get teasing next month’s box, the inclusive geek fuel magazine… it all comes together to make for something truly special. Of, course, not every box is going to satisfy each person all the time, but this monthly subscription service provides the best opportunity to do so.

Interested? Let’s talk cost…

Month to month $17.90, $16.90/month for a 3 month subscription, $15.90/month for a 6 month subscription and $13.90/month for a year subscription.

Every box will pack a t-shirt, toys, collectibles and more in their monthly boxes.


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