It’s not unusual for studios to book real estate on the movie release calendar several years in advanced anymore, and nobody’s helped make that a trend more than Warner Bros. Shortly after establishing a foothold in the expanded universe game with Man of Steel, Warners not only staked a claim to a future release date for the ambitious Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but nearly a dozen other superhero flicks as well, all the way to 2020. Well today you can add two more to the list as a site that tracks these things has just announced that the WB has sent out two more save the dates.

So now we play the waiting game until Warner Bros. gives us more details, but isn’t it more fun to play the speculation game. The first mysterious release date is September 27, 2019 , which is sandwiched between two previously announced release dates for Justice League 2 on June 14, 2019 and another as-yet unrevealed title on November 1, 2019. The second date meanwhile, February 7, 2020, fits snugly between that nameless November movie and Cyborg on April 3, 2020. For the record, there are three DC films in development without release dates yet – Ben Affleck‘s The Batman, Justice League Dark, and Man of Steel 2and now it seems there are three release dates saved for unnamed movies. Coincidence?

On the other hand, what if those dates aren’t saved for more DC movies? If those two dates are, in fact, reserved for further DC expanded universe flicks, then that means that there will be seven DC movies released in one 16-month period. That seems a little excessive, so let’s not be too hasty and say that a new Batman or Superman movie is coming. Warner Bros. does have other franchises on the front burner though. Perhaps once of these slots will be reserved for a new Harry Potter universe film, of a LEGO movie. Perhaps the studio is already anticipating a LEGO Batman sequel, which the February ’20 date would be rather ideal for.

Stay tuned…

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