Who the fuck is this 35 year, rugged heartthrob? Aaron Smolinski. THE Aaron Smolinski? Yes, THE Aaron Smolinski. Who the fuck is Aaron Smolinski? Oh you didn’t know? Yo ass betta call somebody!!! Working alot in TV and also direct to DVD films, this guy stole your heart in the long long ago. So who is he? Check out his classic pic after the spike.

 Baby 'Superman': 'Memba Him?!

That’s right, baby Superman!! Before he was Christopher Reeves as Clark Kent, he was a goofy little bastard, lifting a car up off the ground..*Sniff* They grow up so quickly!!!……

-Bad Superman joke of the day- Who is the opposite of Christopher Reeves?……(Answer after spike)

 ….Christopher Walken….

I know, I’m goin to hell.

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