Where the Wild Things Are the second trailer is now available. Coming Sooner and sooner… I’m feeling like a NerdierBastard the closer we get. I have to Digress, however brief though.

At the end of the book when Max sailed away, the wild things shouted “Please don’t go, we’ll eat you up! We love you so!” ?? What the fuck that all about? The trailer looks quite serene and friendly, I think Wheres the Love by Hanson is on the soundtrack! Is the movie gonna ease it down for the kiddies, or are the Wild Things going to go crazier than a bunch of shithouse rats at the end, and try to devour Max’s screaming young frame?! Remember, Max got sent to bed with no dinner, cuz he was being a little prick to his mom, then at the end when he returned from the sea, his dinner was there….

And it was still hot.

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