While it is old news that Negan has been cast by none other than Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Walking Dead fans are still waiting to see any image of the character himself. Even though this new promo shows what is in store for Sasha, Abraham and Daryl after meeting up with Negan’s men during the midseason finale, fans will be disappointed that they still don’t get a glimpse of the f-bomb dropping badass.


Fans have seen some pretty messed up villains throughout each episode of The Walking Dead.  Some would even say that it no one could be any more messed up than the Cannibals from Terminus or the Governor with his Walker Head collection and brushing his undead daughter’s hair. However, if Negan’s men are so messed up that they decided to murder someone right from the get-go, how screwed up is Negan?

Comic fans know that he is Glen’s downfall,  and that he decides to mark his rule with a baseball to his head in front of everyone. But it looks like the show is going to take a different path with his introduction. But which of the three will it be?


And how is Rick going to take this latest blow? He was left in Alexandria fighting off hordes of Walkers with a child who can’t seem to understand how to keep his mouth closed.  Rick is already on the verge of complete moral breakdown, as was seen with his cold brutal murder of Pete and sacrificing a few Alexandrians on the road to saving his people. While fans see Rick completely flip his script after the winter hiatus. Will fans stage a riot because Daryl is the chosen one for Negan’s men?

Season 6B of the Walking Dead premiers Valentine’s Day, February 14th at 9 PM/EST on AMC.

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