In a recent podcast, Rampage Jackson was asked about what he thought about playing Luke Cage in a Marvel movie. Rampage responded by saying; “It’s funny you should ask that, I had a meeting with Marvel . . . I would love to play Luke Cage, I think I would make a great Luke Cage.”

The entire podcast video is below and Jackson is a good interview. I find myself wondering how Isaiah Mustafa – (The Old Spice Guy) – would react to this turn of events after his very public Internet pitch to land the roll of Luke Cage if a movie was made. They both have the look but I thin Rampage has the street look that Cage’s character is famous for. I would say “Let two men enter one man leave” decide it, but that would most likely result in Rampage bruising his knuckles without even working up a decent sweat. Rampage didn’t do a horrible job as B.A. Barracus in The A-Team, so I don’t think the comparaacting skills of these two will decide it. What do you think of the choice between the two? Is there another person out there more deserving of the role?

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