MPost12892-deadlandct5The newest video at the Reckless Tortuga channel on youtube clearly explains why online gamers are quite anti-social creatures.  I put myself in this category to an extent as well, as I used to play a lot of TF, CoD1, and RTCW.  I am however not quite as much of a prick in reality as this young man appears to be…anymore.  I do still have a *slight* problem interacting with so called normal people though.  I used to love playing online with dickheads like this though, all the trash talking and bravado they spewed only sweetened the victory when I would destroy them in a pistols only battle in CoD, the POW Camp was my favorite for this.

I always thought that a great idea for a reality show would be to get a top tier group of FPS gamers and send their asses into simulated combat with top tier military units.  I got the idea after watching a commercial for SoCom where a group of gamers got spanked royally in an online match against their unseen opponents, a group of actual Navy Seals.  I just want to see a bunch of shit talking 20 year olds get their asses handed to them and be publicly humiliated.

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