Liam Neeson is a wonderful actor. As the voice of Aslan in Narnia, Godfried of Ebylin in Kingdom of Heaven. Even training Bruce Wayne everything he knows in Batman Begins, he dominates everything he touches as teacher and leader…So it strikes me as quite drop fuck hilarious that he actually is the worst Jedi ever. Scratch that, worst Jedi Knight ever! He couldn’t feel or sense the mixed emotions or feelings in Anakin? His Metaclorian count ( He taught us that the Force wasn’t just an energy field surrounding all living things, but basically an STD that is genetic and is in your blood like a kingdom of sea monkeys) was so off the charts, that it could only bring balance to the Force…Not totally decimate it…Also Qui-Gon’s fault. This video shows just a brief ,but extremely thought provoking verdict that will leave you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Qui-Gon was the Anna Nicole Smith of Jedis.

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