Fantastic Four. Now that I have your unswerving hatred, let’s talk about the future of the franchise. The newly rebooted film by Josh Trank, which came out this weekend with, well, let’s call it a thud, finished third at the box office after being pummeled by negative reviews from critics and comic book fans alike. To them it stank. It stank of missed opportunities, and ideas that weren’t thought through, and a talented quartet of actors that was utterly wasted in a wash of bad effects, bad dialogue, and bad plotting. So now what? Will Fox push though with the Four sequel which has already been scheduled. Answers are below.

The Hollywood Reporter (via reached out to Twentieth Century Fox to see if they still intend to go through with their FF sequel after this weekend’s profound disappointment. The sequel had been penciled in for June 2017, and there were further plans afoot to crossover the Fantastic Four with the X-Men characters, the other Marvel franchise that Fox has access to. With all those plans now on thin ice, what’s the official word from Fox?

“While we’re disappointed, we remain committed to these characters and we have a lot to look forward to in our Marvel universe,” said Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson.

Well that said nothing really. Practically speaking, the Trank Four was an effort on the part of the studio to dig its claws into the franchise and keep all its potential earning power under their banner; Fox had already lost Daredevil to Marvel and we saw how that turned out. But after three failed attempts to make a Fantastic Four beloved by fans worldwide, maybe its time to admit that Fox can’t do anything with it, and spite isn’t a good enough reason to keep making movies.

In other FF news, Fox released about four minutes of B-roll footage from the movie (via The point of this, is unknown, but there are glimpses of scenes that didn’t make the final cut of the movie, including what maybe the Trank version of the Fantasti-car. I think we’re reaching here for reason to try and find some excitement about some version of this movie that is actually good, or decent if good just isn’t possible. Hard to say if such a thing exists, but with this level of studio interference, who can say?

Fantastic Four is now in theaters everywhere.

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