From casting rumors to potential locales to the barest hint of plot details, Star Wars Episode VII has been one of the most talked about movies in years, and with good cause.  The franchise that the majority of us love so much is finally returning to its roots and will feature the characters that helped us all fall in love with the Wars saga in the first place.  In addition to giving fans a new entry in our beloved franchise, Disney has also promised a few stand-alone spinoff films over the next few years and since the announcement, many have been wondering just what these spinoffs would be about.  Could we see a young Han Solo in a stand-alone flick?  Perhaps we will have the chance to watch a young Boba Fett grow into a bounty hunter that has a penchant for disintegrations.  Today, a new rumor has emerged that may give us a real answer.  We may have to wait a while to get any sort of hint from the studio but if the folks over at Making Star Wars truly do have a man on the inside, one of those spinoffs will focus on everyone’s favorite hermit, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

According to MSW, their studio spy has heard some pretty fantastic rumblings that are gaining more and more traction.  According to the spy:

Obi-Wan Kenobi – I’ve heard from quite a few people now that an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie is in the works. For the spin-off movies they were initially going to stay away from any Jedi or Sith characters. But I’m hearing now that because of the popularity of Obi-Wan (fans recently voting for him on the official website etc) that an art team is now working with a writer on concepts for an Obi-Wan movie.


When you stop to think about it, this rumor really makes a lot of sense.  The filmmakers behind the revitalized franchise have made it very clear that they plan on doing their best to tell these new stories with interwoven characters and plots.  For instance, while the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels animated series takes place between Episodes III and IV, there will be characters and events within the series that will be referenced in the new trilogy.  In other words, the studio really wants to wrap things up in a neat, cohesive bow and by cluing fans in on the events that happened once Kenobi went into hiding, audiences could get the entire picture when it comes to the Skywalker story.  Further to that, the movie could clear up some of the plot holes that had fans in an uproar after the final credits of Episode III had rolled.

The folks over at Making Star Wars have been dropping potential spoilers almost since the start of production on the wildly anticipated Star Wars Episode VII.  While they seem to have an inside man, the information that they are passing on should always be taken with a grain of salt and even if they happen to have the goods, the story could change at any moment.  While a Yoda stand-alone movie would be awesome, as would a Han Solo or Boba Fett spinoff, the fact is that those stories aren’t necessary in order for fans to give fans a complete picture when it comes to the Skywalkers bringing balance to the Force.  Kenobi’s story, on the other hand, could only enrich the story that we already know.  What do you think?  Should Obi-Wan get his own movie or should Disney start looking elsewhere?


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