The Wolverine made good money over the weekend, and we know that 20th Century Fox has an X-Force movie in development, so you know what that means: Fox is going spin-off crazy!

To confirm, Collider caught up with comic book writer Mark Millar last weekend at San Diego Comic Con. Millar, as you’ll remember, was hired as a consultant by Fox to corral the Fox-owned Marvel properties into a coherent universe on par with what Marvel/Disney’s been doing with The Avengers properties.

So using the X-Men films as the basis, Millar says that he thinks that five to 10 other potential franchises that could be spin out of the main X-Men films, which is hardly surprising given how many X-Men and X-Men related books have come off the printing presses after all these years. So what’s Millar thinking? Let’s ask him.

“We’re not talking crossovers or anything just yet; the idea is to build it quietly in its own way and bring in the best possible talent but you’re right – Marvel sold the X-Men franchises back in the ’90s when they needed the cash but you have to remember they were the crown jewels…

The reason they got snapped up is that they were Marvel’s best-selling book really for 20 years. So we’re sitting on gold right now. Very vaguely, we are talking about lots of possibilities but I think there’s a good five to ten golden franchises in there.”

So could we see future film versions of books like X-Factor? Or New Mutants? Excalibur even? Time will tell.

Watch the full video interview with Millar below:

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