The latest addition to the DC extended universe has raised the bar for the company’s cinematic output. Wonder Woman has far surpassed anyone’s expectations. Through the stellar performance by not only Gal Godot as Diana Princess of Themyscira, but from the equally brilliant supporting cast, from Chris Pine as Steve Trevor at Diana’s side to the host of Amazonian warriors to raised her. It has been long established that Diana herself will return to the DCEU, in Justice League, which is due for release later this year, if nothing else. Director Patty Jenkins has already expressed an interest in returning for a sequel, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

But it’s safe to say that fans would definitely be up for something more that would delve deeper into Diana’s character. While this film covered her origin in a way that was respectful to the source material yet exciting on the big screen, there are 75 years’ worth of Wonder Woman stories to draw on for future movies. There’s no way it could have all been covered in this one film.

Not to mention, the hugely positive response to the first section of the film, which introduced Themyscira, along with its history, people and princess, means that there is definitely a market for more Amazonian lore.

DC has now offered fans a tantalising hint that we’ll get a chance to see the Amazons again – and sooner than we might expect.

It has now been announced that Antiope – the sister of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, and Diana’s aunt and mentor in battle – will appear in Justice League. Portrayed by Robin Wright, known for her roles in The Princess Bride and House of Cards, Antiope was crucial to Diana’s character development during her childhood. She taught her how to fight, indulging her passion for battle even when her mother forbade it.

How exactly she’ll be involved in the story is still a mystery. After all, as anyone who has seen Wonder Woman will know, Antiope’s skirmish with a German bullet didn’t exactly leave her in a fit state for battle. But whether she made a miraculous recovery or will feature in some kind of flashback, it’s great to know that the Amazon world is going to get a little fuller with the next film.

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