This Nerd Bastards writer has never read Cowboy Ninja Viking by AJ Lieberman. It’s one of my biggest comic-book regrets. I mean, come on… a comic about a schizophrenic hero with personalities of a cowboy, ninja and a viking -who all have dialogue with each other – should be high on my list of priorities! Eh, I’ll just wait for the movie adaptation.

About a year and a half back, Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wenick were hired to script Cowboy Ninja Viking for Disney. As it turns out, Disney didn’t quite like the adult route Reese and Wernick were taking, so they scrapped the project. *Gee-whiz Disney, what the fuck did you expect hiring those two? But CNV has found a new home at Universal (I guess they thought Cowboys and Aliens wasn’t terrible enough), and Marc Forster could end up making it his follow-up to World War Z.

Deadline says that Forster is ready to make this one his next film, and that production could begin later this year.

I pretty much have no opinion on Marc Forster. He’s not a bad director, but he’s not a very good one either. His films -like Quantum of Solace, Stranger Than Fiction, and Finding Neverland– leave me with a “Meh” feeling. I guess he’s competent enough to take on this wacky comic series. But I’m not encouraged either.

The real question here is on whether or not Cowboy Ninja Viking is a filmable property. I can’t imagine how they would approach the multiple personalities shtick. I think it may be too confusing to convey.

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