Even if you were a fan of the book and KNOW that the movie didn’t do Max Brooks‘ book justice, you can admit that Brad Pitt‘s World War Z movie isn’t a bad zombie flick. It’s just not the World War Z movie that everyone who read the book wanted it to be. Before the movie hit theaters back in 2003, after numerous re-shoots and rumors flying around about the problems during production, an already in pre-production sequel was quietly shut down and squashed. Then the movie killed at the box office bringing in over $540 million world-wide on a $150 million dollar budget. Those kinds of numbers always makes the suits salivate so the sequel was back on, but without an actual release date. Now that’s all changed.world_war_z

Word is that World War Z II will hit theaters June 9th in 2017, the same weekend that Fox‘s Fantastic Four 2 is scheduled… depending on how Josh Trank‘s also production troubled Fantastic Four does at the box office, World War Z II might just be Fox’s backup for the date if the film tanks and they pull the sequel. Even if the film does well, it is generally thought that Trank won’t be brought back for the sequel after rumors of production and other problems on set.

While unconfirmed, it is thought that Brad Pitt will be back, as his production company bought the initial rights to World War Z and stands to make another killing with a successful sequel. What has been confirmed is that Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible) has been tapped to direct Steven Knight‘s (Pawn Sacrifice) script.


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