A riotous success at the box office, Deadpool made more than ten times in profits the cost of its $60 million budget. The overwhelmingly positive reaction from audiences all over the world has practically guaranteed it at least one sequel. So soon after the first film – which has not yet made it onto home release – any future projects, strictly speaking, are yet to be confirmed.

But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t already looking forward to one. Fans have been raving about one since the cheeky hint Marvel dropped in the first movie’s post-credits short. Now even the studio is getting in on the fun.

Given the popularity of the franchise already, it would be a very aptly Deadpool thing to do to take the new influence they have and the cash that is sure to come flooding in with it and to go as wild as possible. To ramp up the violence and the explosions and the stakes.

But writers Rhett Rease and Paul Wernick have promised that that won’t be case. They have recognised that one of the key factors that made Deadpool so popular the first time round was its emphasis on character. Unlike many superhero stories, in which the fate of the entire universe and countless lives might hang in the balance, Deadpool followed only Wade Wilson’s problems. He was on his own personal mission, and that played a part in making it so unique.

Part of that includes their decision to Cable in later releases, famously Deadpool’s companion and straight man. In the first movie, Colossus took on the role of Deadpool’s foil. Introducing a character that isn’t already linked to a franchise will give the writers more scope to play around with their rapport and to explore the relationship on a far deeper level.

This, combined with a highly likely larger budget, promises that Deadpool sequels will certainly be something to look out for. The bonus deleted scene released earlier this month is said to be one of many, including a number that didn’t even get made due to budget contrictions. The joke about Deadpool forgetting his guns in his fight with Ajax’s convoy, for instancec, is said to have been written to replace a more explosive battle that they just couldn’t afford.

Both writers and Ryan Reynolds have all hinted at their own ideas about what they’d like to include in future films, all drawing on the wealth of backstory in the comic books. This leaves the real meat of what to expect as something of a mystery, though the promise to keep the conflict at the lower end of the scale means we’re unlikely to lose much of the magic from the first movie.

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