Fresh off of their respective turns as Marvel characters, WWE star Dave Bautista and UFC fighter George St. Pierre are signing on to a remake of the classic Jean Claude Van-Damme martial arts revenge film, Kickboxer. However, neither is looking to take Muay Thai lessons, as they’re going to simply be playing flesh-pounding fodder for a young up-and-coming fighter who has agreed to slip into Kurt Sloane’s skin.

Stuntman Alain Moussi (Pacific RimX-Men: Days of Future Past) is going to be playing the lead, which is currently attempting to obtain funding at Cannes. Talking with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Bryan O’Shea said:

“We have a visionary director, a strong Hollywood producer, great cast and an action-packed script based on a well-known property. What more could you ask for?”

Actual actors, I suppose could be the answer to that last question (though, to be fair, the original 1989 film didn’t exactly sport a troupe of Shakespearean thespians and turned out pretty badass). The director O’Shea is referencing is Stephen Fung, who previously helmed Tai Chai Zero and Tai Chi Hero, both of which are pretty entertaining chop-socky pictures.

Following the original Kickboxer’s blueprint, the remake will feature “a martial artist who travels to Thailand looking for his brother, whose death he discovers and must avenge.”

Bautista can be seen next as Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy while St. Pierre was just seen in Captain America: the Winter Soldier. While it’s unclear whether or not this film will be released on the big screen (my guess? DTV), I’m sure there are numerous JCVD fanboys who are wondering if we’ll see the “Muscles From Brussels” in some sort of cameo role.

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