Ok, I just double checked. X-Men: Days of Future Past is not out yet. I have not slipped into  some alternate reality where the new movie in FOX’s X-franchise was released way before its May 23rd, 2014 release date. So why did director Bryan Singer just tweet this? Isn’t it a little early to be promoting another X-Men movie when we are still months away from the next one? Is this something official? Is he just messing with us?

The short answer is yes (to it being official,) since Exhibitor Relations tweeted this minutes later.

Now with a name like X-Men: Apocalypse it’s safe to speculate that the big bad will be Apocalypse, right? Hell, this is the internet. By the time I finish this sentence some ‘unconfirmed but totally reliable source’ will be saying that Vin Diesel is up for the role and he’ll be playing the whole role in blue face. Besides, Singer did hint that Apocalypse would be making an appearance so let’s roll with that.

Singer is usually pretty good with sticking to the source material (ok, the titles of the source material and its rough outline,) it is a safe bet the movie could be based off of 1995’s Age of Apocalypse comic by Scott Lobdell. So here’s the official synopsis from the book:

Charles Xavier is dead – killed twenty years in the past during a freak time-travel accident – and the world that has arisen in his absence is dark and dangerous indeed. The Darwinian conqueror Apocalypse rules with an iron fist, ruthlessly enforcing his dictum that only the strong shall survive – and in Apocalypse’s long shadow, hidden among a downtrodden humankind, are a group of ragtag freedom fighters led by Xavier’s oldest friend, Magneto: the Amazing X-Men! When Bishop, last survivor of the true Marvel Universe, locates the X-Men and explains how the world went wrong, these embittered mutants and their tenuous allies must risk everything – and undertake a dangerous and multi-pronged quest – to put things right!

You may now begin speculating, but take your time. Word is X-Men: Apocalypse is working towards a May 27th 2016 release date .

(and yes, I know Apocalypse was an X-Factor villain, so maybe Scott and Jean Grey are coming back? speculate speculate speculate.)


Via Exhibitor Relations

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