There’s a curious phenomenon occurring with Marvel Comics Merchandise these days. Classic characters are disappearing from classic scenes, characters that just happen to belong to the FOX studio superhero movie portfolio. That’s right, not only did Marvel cancel the Fantastic Four comic, now it seems that the characters FOX owns the movie rights to are now being actively removed from Marvel Merchandise like the shirt above.

When asked on social media Tom Brevoort, Senior VP Publishing of Marvel Comics had this to say:

ffmarvelThis isn’t the first Secret Wars cover that has gone under the Marvel FOX/Knife.


In this one there are substitutions made, replacing X-Men and Fantastic Four characters with Marvel Superheros that Marvel owns the exclusive movie and television rights to.

If you’re scratching your head a bit over Brevoot’s answer, don’t feel like you’re alone. He has a brusk style in answering questions. It often come off as defensive or appears to be attempting to misdirect the questions asked. Most of the time I think he is trying to have a good time.

The real story here is Marvel cutting off any merchandise earnings that FOX might have a claim to. When toys from the latest X-Men movie hits store shelves, you can bet that FOX is taking a cut and that those in charge of the bean-counting over at Marvel don’t like that one bit. In fact, that’s why there weren’t any X-Men: Days of Future Past merchandise anywhere to be found besides some movie cups and posters.

What do you think of this Marvel tactic? Now that Marvel and FOX are sharing some characters on the big screen, will this tactic change or just intensify?

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