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If you like the new X-Men films and are a fan of the Power Rangers, then we’ve got some good news for you. The Power Rangers movie project has been a while in development, but it looks like they’re finally getting ready to settle down and hammer out a script. And they’ve brought onboard none-other-than a trio of folks that were responsible for X-Men: First Class. Read on to find out just who will be bringing this legendary franchise to life.

The first names on the list are screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. They are perhaps best known for penning the first chapter of the return to the X-Men universe, but this tag-team of writing also put their talents to produce numerous episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a few for Fringe, as well as helping with the first Thor flick. They are also, incidentally, the pair assigned to write Top Gun 2. You can take that news however you want, I won’t judge.

The third name is a familiar face to the writing team – Roberto Orci. He’ll be helping the pair develop the script as well as acting as an executive producer for Power Rangers. Orci’s resume, while it does include such notable projects as the two latest Star Trek flicks and (a personal favorite of mine) Cowboys & Aliens, is also tainted with credits including Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Mission: Impossible III. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do here except cross our fingers and hope that he’s at the top of his game or that Miller and Stentz do the majority of the work.

Can this team bring the Power Rangers to life in a way that doesn’t leave audiences wringing their hands in frustration? The plan is, according to the rumormill, to completely revamp the old property and put a new spin on it. I’m sure they won’t change too much, but don’t expect any continuity with the television show or the other, older PR movies. Whether this turns out to be the best move to revitalize an aging franchise or not remains to be seen.

In the end, this is a huge potential money maker for Lionsgate and the producers involved. The franchise has been around since 1993 and in its 20 years of life has never skipped a beat, managing to spawn nearly twenty different television incarnations as well as a couple of movies. The property has changed hands a few times and the latest return to the franchise is Power Rangers Super Megaforce. From said television shows, there have been countless video games, toys, a Power Rangers stage play and, naturally, a comic book series. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have gotten around and they collect suitcases of cash wherever they end up.

Now it’s up to Orci and his team to put together something that movie-viewing audiences will enjoy. It’s still questionable whether or not they’ll be aiming the film specifically at Power Rangers veterans or if they’ll be trying to appeal to a wider audience. Considering the popularity of the franchise over the years, the target demographic could be anywhere from age 6 to age 40 at this point, so they might end up with full theaters regardless.

What say the Nerd Readers? Excited to see this team on the Power Rangers flick? Or is this yet another reboot that will do nothing but ruin your childhood memories?


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