If there is one thing that I know will never die, it’s the console wars. For years, people argue which console is the best when in reality, it seems they only argue in order to justify their purchase.  The one thing I won’t get tired of is these awesome videos of console war as we have a team of known Nintendo characters going up against the evil Firewall, which is a 360 with Bill Gates’ face on it.

The video is done by Doctor Octoroc, who brought us other awesome 8-bit and 16-bit videos such as 8-Bit Dr. Horrible and Jersey Shore: The RPG. The battle is done in Final Fantasy IV (or FF2 for some you) and is similar to the Demon Wall boss  battle.

The video is filled with many awesome things for gamers to love about and even though the Playstation wasn’t part of this video, I think the Sony fanboys will be satisfy when they see that the Firewall’s fate is pretty fitting.

Source: Kotaku

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