Twilight Zone broke barriers and bridged new horizons in 1959 when Rod Serling started the series. The same could not quite be said for the series when it was rebooted both in the1980’s and early 2000’s. Despite good actors, and a few interesting stories, the new series’ just never captured the allure of the original. In this age of the almost constant reboot, it makes sense that CBS is trying to reinvent the series for a new audience yet again.


CBS is looking to make this new version an interactive experience which is being described as a “choose your own adventure” that will “honor the original series.” Viewers are supposed to be able to make choices which will affect the actual narrative of the show; no word yet on how exactly fans will interact with the program.

All these reboots are usually a cause for concern but there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Bioshock creator Ken Levine is one of the minds behind this new series. With the popularity of Bioshock and Levine’s ground breaking storytelling in the game, this new Twilight Zone just may be worth keeping an eye on.


The interactive series has no set release date, or a stated home among the other CBS properties yet. The streaming CBS All Access seems possible as they have recently confirmed a Star Trek series for next year. CBS could be moving to make their streaming line a little more genre-centric. Until then we’ll just have to hope that this reboot makes for a suitable “little sister” to the classic series.

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