If you’ve got’ money burning a hole in your pocket’ and have bought everything Hunger Games related then get ready to crack open that piggie bank. One piece of the film still off limits for purchase would give whoever owned it, a bit of extra leeway on how committed their fandom is.The entire area of Henry River Mill Village, shooting location for the fictional District 12, is up for sale at a mere 1.4 million dollars! What a deal!

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, the small 72 acre villiage located about 70 miles outside of Asheville, North Carolina and near the town of Hildebran at mile marker 119 off Interstate 40, is for sale. Wade Sheperd, the 83-year-old owner of the property, has decided to cash in on Hunger-mania after recieving what he has called “too many visitors” since the film hit theaters last month. Sure, a sea of insane adolecent girls- and their just as crazy mothers- running around he property, who wouldn’t want to give that up.

Still interested? Check out this YouTube video giving a short history of Henry River Mill Village:

Honestly, you’d be a fool not to purchase this property, especially with shooting to continue soon at  ‘District 12’ for the upcoming sequels.  So with Lionsgate will naturally want to return and shoot there for Catching Fire and Mockingjay, why not make make a couple of bucks off your investment and turn the area into a Hunger Games theme park, genuis!

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