You’ll recall that last month, there was a rumour going around that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment were courting legendary filmmaker Robert Zemeckis to helm their very much troubled movie about The Flash. Those rumours were somewhat quickly (no pun intended) dismissed saying that Zemeckis took *a* meeting with the studio, and there was no kind of courtship going on, but a good idea is a good idea, and sometimes you can’t make a good idea go away so easily. And that’s why there’s renewed hype this morning in an exclusive report that not only is Warners/DC chasing Zemeckis, they actually want him to do it. 

In an exclusive to The Wrap, a source close to the production has said that the man behind Forrest GumpWho Framed Roger Rabbit? and the Back to the Future trilogy was the filmmaker before all others that the studio would like to take the helm of The Flash. Zemeckis would be the fourth filmmaker, or filmmaking team, to be associated with the project starring Ezra Miller as a the Scarlet Speedster; Seth Grahame-Smith was let go after Batman V. Superman was a critical and fan failure, Chris Miller and Phil Lord were on board for a short time before taking on Han Solo, and Rick Famuyiwa left late last year over creative differences.

In the meantime, Miller along with Kiersey Clemons and Billy Crudup remain in place as key cast members in the film; Clemons, one of the stars of Famuyiwa’s Dope, was cast as Flash’s love interest Iris West, and Crudup will play the Flash’s innocent but imprisoned father, Henry Allen. Crudup will appear alongside Miller in this fall’s Justice League. As for Zemeckis, a move to The Flash would make sense for him given his last two films, The Walk and Allied, failed to light up the box office, so making a sure thing superhero movie might give him some street cred back in order to move forward with is own projects. In the meantime, Zemeckis may have some competition. Variety is reporting that Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn may also be of interest for Warners to helm The Flash. Of course, Vaughn has also been tied to a Man of Steel sequel, so who knows what might happen.

The Flash was originally scheduled for a March 2018 release, but with no director and a page one re-write of the script underway by Joby Harold that seems unlikely. We’ll have more news about The Flash as it becomes available.

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