Yes folks, you read that right, we are getting a chronic superhero at this years Comic-Con. Son of the legendary Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, will be introducing his new hero with a poster signing at San Diego. With co-writer Joe Casey (Uncanny X-Men, Wildcats 3.0) and artist Jim Mahfood (Clerks, Spectacular Spider-man), Marley is hoping Marijuanaman to be the hero for a new generation. Here is Image’s synopsis of the comic:

Ziggy’s new superhero, Marijuanaman, is from a planet that is in desperate need of THC. Marijuanaman seeks to save Earth’s marijuana fields from destruction by the drug company PharmeXon, and thus saving his home planet from destruction.

What do ya’ll think? You think this kind of superhero will work in todays world of comics or is this too damn silly to work? As for me, I’m interested to see the villains that Marijuanaman will face. Although the comic isn’t set to be released till next year (with the oh so obvious date of 4/20), I have a feeling we’ll be forgetting about this hero.

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