Word is out that the Zombieland television series was not picked up by Amazon Studios after posting the pilot episode, directed by Eli Craig (Tucker and Dale Versus Evil) online with an invitation for viewers to voice their feedback on the show. Things quickly went downhill, resulting in Amazon Studios decision to pass on the show.

The series developers can still shop the show around to other networks and platforms, but will anyone else want to take a chance on the series? One of the series creators, Rhett Reese, took to Twitter to announce the news and vent a little at zombie fans.


Reese puts the blame squarely on the reaction Zombieland movie fans displayed towards the pilot.

Director Eli Craig has already moved on to his next movie project Little Evil, based on a script he wrote back before he went on the Tucker and Dale Versus Evil press rounds.

Did you watch the pilot? What was your reaction?

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