Zombies Invade National Landmarks


So you’re checking out the Lincoln Memorial, wandering around aimlessly taking photos… and the next thing you know you look up from taking your 100th photo of the damn thing to see a member of the undead gnawing on the side of your neck!  Well, this scenario may not be too far off from the truth with zombies be released all around the globe in order to to market the upcoming AMC series, The Walking Dead (Premier episode this Halloween).   So this is a good idea…right?  The undead will be invading landmarks such as, Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, the  aforementioned Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., Big Ben in London and the Prado Museum in Madrid.  This is an interesting approach to get a show noticed, not quite sure how well it’ll work though.  But at least it will be neat.

What do you guys think??

Source: blastr

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