Ben Stiller is one of those actors that tends to win a few and lose a few.  For every Permanent Midnight, there’s an Along Came Polly; for every Reality Bites, there is a Meet the Fockers.  One of those big wins was 2001’s Zoolander, a project that was written and directed by Stiller, in which he starred as an egotistic male model that was as intelligent as he was handsome.  While Stiller’s Derek Zoolander was definitely the star of the film, Will Farrell brought on plenty of the laughs as fashion designer and brainwashing bad guy, Jacobim Mugatu. Zoolander 2 has been rumored for quite some time but, like Ghostbusters, the sequel news ebbs and flows depending on who happens to be holding the microphone whenever the subject is brought up.  Well, it looks like Zoolander 2 may finally be getting some traction, and one of the original stars has confirmed that after a long wait, the script is ready to go.


Will Ferrell was recently honored at the Deauville Film Festival in France and the topic of Zoolander 2 was brought up.  Just as with any movie in pre-production, Ferrill had very little to say about the sequel but he was able to provide a response that was perfect for getting fans of the movie excited.

“We are actually supposed to do a read-through of a sequel script soon, and Mugatu is a part of it.”

Finally! Generally, a read-through indicates that principal production is right around the corner and there is absolutely no doubt that fans of the original movie will be chomping at the bit to see the first images of the sequel, much less the movie itself.  Will Derek still sport Blue Steel or will we be treated to another really, really, ridiculously good looking pose? Only time will tell.


Zoolander is easily one of the best movies that Ben Stiller has ever made and it is purely his creation. From concept to screenplay to screen, Stiller’s project was like a snowball that continued to gain momentum and weight as it continued along the production process.  When the movie was originally announced, audiences didn’t exactly jump up and down with excitement but the more they heard, the more their curiosity was getting the better of them.  When the film finally opened, Don’t Say a Word managed to beat out the comedy but Zoolander took the number 2 spot in the box office with over $15.5mil. Without having to think too hard or having to GTS, do you remember Don’t Say a Word? Ok, now compare that memory to your memories of Zoolander. Which movie was more memorable?  Exactly – we all know who the real winner was.  The sequel looks as if Justin Theroux, whom Stiller previously worked with on Tropic Thunder, will be at the helm and directing a screenplay written by Stiller and himself.  While Theroux seems to be a strange pick to direct, the success of Tropic Thunder should definitely give people a reason to get excited and it will be very cool to see what happens here.

Baby Zoolander

Once Zoolander 2 gets off the ground, it will probably one of the funniest movies of the year as long as Theroux and Still hold it to the same level of quality as Tropic Thunder.  Really, the movie could go anywhere. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing it pick up with Derek finding out Derek Jr. is actually the love child of Matilda Jeffries and the dwarf after the orgy in the first Zoolander, and the audience discovers that the dwarf is actually Derek’s long lost twin brother but, hey, I’m not the guy writing the sequel.  In the end, all we can hope for is a hilarious movie that brings back some fan favorite characters. Oh, and for the love of god, they need to grab The Rock. He’s so hot right now.


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