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Check Out The Trailer for ‘Arrow’ Season 4


Dragon Con is in full steam this weekend. The convention is best known for housing the worlds largest gathering of cosplayers – who let loose, drink, dance, and talk nerdy to each other; among other things. For an event that can be pegged as a place where fans get “raw, dirty, gritty, and nerdy”, it comes as a surprise to see The CW’s ARROW coming out to debut first footage from the show’s upcoming fourth season.

The jaw-dropping season four highlight reel offered fans their first on-screen peek at several new super suits, including Stephen Amell’s updated Arrow look and John Diggle’s (David Ramsey) inaugural form of concealment.

The reel also marked the highly anticipated introductions of Damien Darkh (Neal McDonough) and John Constantine (Matt Ryan). Check out the trailer below.  (more…)


Force Friday is really pumping out news regarding the newest installment of Star Wars. Making the latest rounds are the voices that are coming out of the newest toys for the movie. Star Wars fans are some of the most dedicated and hardcore fans out there. I’m sure you’ve had enough of this rambling. Check out the new toys and what they sound like after the jump!


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Happy Force Friday everyone! In celebration of the official, unofficial Star Wars holiday, check out this sweet new Star Wars toy making it’s debut today. Let me introduce you to the Guavian Enforcer. No it’s not a fruit. It’s an actual character from the new Star Wars movie. Right now, fans on the other side of the world are getting their hands on this sweet figure. Soon enough, you can get your hands on one too. In fact, they’re probably on store shelves right now.



One has to think, on the set of a film with as many explosions and serious “end of the world” moments as the average comic-book movie features, the cast has to fool around with each other a little bit in between takes in order to not go crazy, right?  Well, it looks like Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was no exception to that rule during filming, and now we get a little glimpse of the madness, via a short blooper reel released ahead of the movie’s home-video premiere.



Daredevil has already added Elektra and The Punisher to their cast roster for season two, so who’s next?  It seems Stephen Rider is; you may recognize him from his co-starring role in Lee Daniels’ award-winning film The Butler.  He’ll be portraying a role a little less recognizable than the aforementioned characters, but a key recurring role nonetheless!  So who will he be? (more…)


In the long history of superheroes, the costumes they wear have become almost as iconic as the person who wears them. From Superman’s “S” to the green of Green Arrrow’s outfit, there’s always that one characteristic that stands out the most. Included in that history of costumes are helmets. One of the most famous helmets has to be Doctor Fate’s helmet. Then, of course, you have the Nova Helmet, Juggernaut’s helmet, and Magneto’s helmet. Now we can add one more dome piece to the collection. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to John Diggle’s (David Ramsey) helmet.


FAN EXPO 2015: Cosplay From Day 1


It wouldn’t be a con without lots and lots of cosplay, and the National Fan Expo is no exception. A lot of local Toronto cosplayers save up their best stuff all year to strut at the Expo, and for some it was a feat all the more impressive because Toronto is sweltering under a heatwave tis weekend. Sunny and humid is hardly the weather you want for wool hats, long coats and plastic helmets, but the people persevered and the results of their efforts can be seen below. All the usual suspects are here including Dredd, Captain America, and Batman-related characters, but there were also a lot of pleasant surprises. Want to check out some of the costumed action at the Metro Toronto Convention Center? Look at the photo slide show below. (more…)


At nearly 70 years old, practical make-up and special effects master Tom Savini shows no signs of slowing down, but he did note that he’s taking more time to live in the moment. Worried about the future, fretting about the past, don’t worry about it Savini said, “these are two places you can’t do anything about, two places your helpless in.” Savini was rather philosophical there at the beginning of his Q&A, but most of his panel at Fan Expo was less about the moment then it was revising his past, his future, and the inspiration he could offer for future effects artists. (more…)