The City Is Safe Again With ‘The Tick’ Revival – Creator Confirms Series Resurrection

- 09-02-14Nerd Culture, TV Posted by Jed Harris-Keith


Over the weekend, fans of the superhero known as The Tick, the big, blue defender of The City, were  teased with reports that his once-cancelled live-action series was returning to our hearts via Amazon’s  Instant Video streaming service. While the news was treated as warily as The Tick’s sidekick Arthur  approaches Chairface Chippendale, The Tick creator Ben Edlund confirmed on his Twitter feed on  Sunday that Amazon and Sony are indeed looking to resurrect the 2001 Fox cult series. (more…)

Watch ‘Loki: The Movie’! Here! Now! Well, Sort of…

- 09-02-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly


It’s no secret that Tom Hiddleston stole the show when he first appeared in the Thor movie. While we were all there to see the titular character throw his hammer around and smash some bad guys, when we left the theater it was Loki whom we had fond memories of. Hiddleston pulled it off in spades and is now one of the most-loved Marvel characters to have ever graced the big screen. People have been clamoring for the character to get his own solo flick and, while that’s not likely to happen until Marvel runs out of heroes to pimp, one fan made his very own Loki-centric flick. Sort of… He actually just spliced all of the Loki bits from the movies he’s already been in together. But the end result is pretty cool (and a whopping 2 hours and 15 minutes long!). Scroll on to check it out Loki: Brother of Thor. (more…)

Storybrooke Is Frozen Over In The New ‘Once Upon A Time’ Teaser

- 09-02-14TV Posted by Rush Urbalejo


Frozen is not only one of the most popular animated movies of all time, it is one of the most popular movies of all time, period.  Between its message of true love between sisters and its catchy soundtrack, not to mention a stable of characters that were severely likeable, Frozen has grossed over $1.2bil worldwide and has received more awards than you can shake a carrot at.  Now that it has dominated the animated world, Disney is bringing a live action Elsa, Anna, and even Kristoff to the small screen in ABC’s Once Upon a Time and if these promos are an indication, Frozen will continue to win hearts over. (more…)

Marvel’s New Netflix Series’ Will Likely Be Dark And Gritty

- 09-02-14Comics, TV Posted by Rush Urbalejo


After Marvel dropped their big announcement that they would be unleashing a slate of characters who would each be grabbing their own series on Netflix, they basically let the public mine any information it could from the on-set photos that people have been able to snag during the production of those series.  As is often the case with Marvel, the studio has decided to remain pretty tight lipped about what fans can expect from Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and the mashup of these characters that audiences can expect in The Defenders.  Thanks to an interview in the latest Empire with Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, fans may finally get an idea of which direction the various series’ will go. (more…)

Marvel Editor-In-Chief Kind Of Apologizes For Spiderwoman’s Butt

- 09-02-14Comics, WTF? Posted by Aspry Jones


Milo Manara is an artist and writer for erotic Italian comics, so it can’t be much of a surprise to anyone that he’d sexualize Spiderwoman on the cover that’s been causing a major stir on Planet Nerdom. The super-sexy, borderline soft-porn shot of the heroine crouching with her heart-shaped backside pointing at the sky was justifiably lambasted. The artist places us in a weird spot where the superhero is ignored for her bravery, power and self-sacrifice, and instead going all “Hey fellas, check out my ass!” It’s a hell of a thing and we’ve been covering the Topic That Wouldn’t Die since it was born. Today is no different because now we’ve got Marvel Editor-In-Chief, Axel Alonso kinda tucking his tail between his legs a couple weeks shy of the incident. Better late than never, I guess… (more…)

And Now There’s an Adam West Doc, and Here’s the Trailer…

- 09-02-14Comics, Film, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


In the same mode as other nerd icon documentaries like To Be Takei and Birth of the Living Dead, we now get Starring Adam West. Now if you’re thinking, “So what? He was the lame Batman from the lame 1960s Batman TV series,” you’ve clearly never been to a con and seen this man pack them in to standing room only capacity. Needless to say, Adam West didn’t always feel that love. There were some pretty lean years between Batman and Family Guy‘s Mayor West. But now, it seems, West is ready to talk about the totality of his career: the good, the Bat, and the ugly.

Stan Lee Confirms ‘Black Panther’ Movie

- 09-02-14Comics, Film Posted by Aspry Jones

the new pic

If Stan Lee is right, Marvel is pretty great at keeping things on the down low. It’s actually pretty amusing how they dodge questions, deny information, send us on wild goose chases and all that. And I respect them for it, because half the fun of all this are the pleasant surprises you never see coming. Not to say that I believe Stan-the-Man on this because he could just be reflecting Marvel big-wig Kevin Feige’sBlack Panther is in development” line. All this could mean that a movie is being planned for six years from now. It could lead us down into a rumor mill. Quite frankly, it could mean nothing. But I’m willing to bank on the idea that the guy who basically made comics awesome knows what he’s talking about when he says this movie is happening. (more…)

Dragon Con 2014: Convention Cosplay Gallery Part 1, Cosplay Parade, James Gunn Groots, & MOAR!

- 09-02-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Mark Poynter


This year’s Dragon Con went by in a flash, it felt like we’d just checked in and suddenly after an avalanche of Cosplay, cocktails, and cavorting the whole thing was over and we were packing up the car to return to reality. There was so much great Cosplay this year, but that’s to be expected at Dragon Con. We’ve got a gallery of what we saw this year along with the official Dragon Con TV coverage of the Parade on Saturday morning.

Let’s start with a look at what one would have seen if you just wandered the halls of the host hotels. These 400 plus pictures are just a sample, it’s almost too much for the senses to take in. If it was nerdy, geeky, and had a fandom, it was represented in cosplay at some point in the convention. One of my quirky favorites was the Chicken Lady from The Kids in the Hall. She had us in stitches as she squawked and tried to pick up the guys walking by. (more…)