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Star Wars Celebration 2015 Wrap Up!


Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is now behind us and there are plenty of fanboys and fangirls out there who feel pretty spent after 4 days of absolute bliss.  The greatest convention in the galaxy brought with it plenty of surprises and even a few tears (of joy, of course) and if you were among the tens of thousands in attendance, making the decision to either go to work or stay in bed on Monday morning was probably a tougher decision than whether or not you should have paid that $15 for the food truck Wookie Fries while at the convention.  Nerd Bastards was on hand for some of the more glorious moments of the convention, so we wanted to share a few of those moments with you! (more…)


They’ve successfully brought dinosaurs back from the dead. They’ve integrated them into a popular theme park resort that’s doing pretty well. What’s their obvious next step? Modify the dinosaur DNA to make them smarter and infinitely more dangerous! Behold, the “birth” of the Indominous Rex; basically T-Rex 2.0, created purposefully to be bigger and smarter than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. These guys aren’t worried, though. They’ve got raptor-whisperer Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt) working alongside them. What could go wrong? Apparently, as seen by the full trailer Universal released for Jurassic World… a lot. (more…)


The second episode of Game of Thrones season five picks up some familiar story lines from last year, most notably Arya Stark’s journey across the narrow sea to the House of Black & White (also the title for this week’s episode). Thematically it sets the tone for the entire episode, presenting characters throughout the story with seemingly dichotomous plot options – do you take one path or another? By virtue of this storytelling device, it also highlights the road often travelled in our favorite HBO program, the morally ambiguous grey path where incest, feticide, and most other concepts of right and wrong are so often blurred and thrown out the window. Oh G.R.R. Martin, what exactly happened to you as a child? (more…)

Plot for ‘Rogue One’ and Teaser Revealed


One of the most intriguing developments coming out of Star Wars and Lucasfilm‘s acquisition by Walt Disney Studios is that we’re not just getting a new trilogy, we’re going to be getting a new movie every year. At least that’s Disney’s desire anyway. Shortly after production got underway on The Force Awakens, the first chapter of the new trilogy, Disney started recruiting talent for the first of a series of films to take place in the Star Wars universe, but is not a part of the Skywalker saga. For the first of these films we know the director (Godzilla‘s Gareth Edwards), we know the star (Academy Award nominee Felicity Jones), and we know the name (Rogue One). But now, most importantly, we know what it’s going to be about… (more…)


As opposed to other recent additions of Star Wars Celebration, the annual mutual nerdgasm for Star Wars fans, is that there was a lot of new goodness from that galaxy far, far away. Of course the biggest thing to hit was the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the official first insight into the initial round of Star Wars anthology films, but for the last year, if you wanted a Star Wars fix, you had only the weekly adventures of Star Wars Rebels to feed the beast. So at Celebration this past weekend, the Disney/Lucasfilm gang gave Rebels fans some teases of their own, a new trailer with a couple of familiar faces from either end of the saga, but linked together by legend. (more…)


Another trailer leak? First Batman Vs. Superman, and now trailer leak number 2; which is all about the number four – The Fantastic Four. After 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four remake had its trailer leaked this morning, FOX decided to make the official version available online. What’s so special about this trailer? Along with new footage and more backstory, we get our first look at Victor Domashev, more recognizable perhaps by the name of “Dr. Doom”. (more…)